Hi Mark,

I want to thank you for 19 years of amazing workouts. With your encouragement, I continue to run and stay in shape.

Some of the best news I received this year, was that I could continue my workouts from my home here in Tampa, during this time of covid precaution! Also, as a bonus, i eliminated my 30 minute drive to workout! Another plus, I feel it is very important, both mentally and physically, to maintain a schedule now. Your words of encouragement are very important to me. I am here to encourage anyone, beginner or avid exerciser to try this  “VIRTUAL WORKOUT”!!  If anyone has questions re my experience,  they would be welcome to email or call me. 

 Thanks again, Mark.
Jean Council




Many Thanks to Tampa Bay's BODY BY DESIGN the best personal trainers in Tampa. These pictures show my amazing transformation after just a few months. You Can do it too!

Barbara, Tampa
I wanted to give some great feedback on a local TAMPA PERSONAL TRAINER and Davis Island business that has helped me significantly. I started seeing Mark Misner and his personal trainers at Body By Design on Davis Island here in South Tampa, a few years ago when I moved to Davids Islands. We've worked together since then to clean up my diet, increase strength and fitness, as well as lose weight! We've been very successful at all three - losing about 40 lbs. over that time and decreasing my body fat percentage. Hopefully other folks in the Tampa Bay, South Tampa Area will take advantage of this local gem.

Matthew Waite, Davis Islands


Sue ( my wife ) and I cannot thank you and your staff for all the help, support and encouragement over the past three years traing with you at your private personal fitness center in South Tampa. With your help I have been able to undergo a transformative change to my personal health. With your help I have gone from a snug 34 waist to a size 30 slim. I have amazing data that tells the full story -total body fat  improvement = 15.5% , total  body fat loss = 33.44 lbs. , total lean , muscle gains = 10.69 lbs. I feel and look healthier, with more energy than what I had back in my 30’s. All of this progress achieved as I turned north of 60 years old! I look forward to many more days in your studio as we continue this life altering commitment.

Thank You,


Javier - reporting these results is very rewarding ! Congratulations !

Initial          6/28/17********** 6/20/19****** 6/12/20
Scale wt.   196.25                   174                  173.50
BF %          28.8%                   15.8%               13.3%
Fat wt.         56.52                     27.49               23.08
Lean wt.     139.73                  146.51             150.42 


I trained with Tampa's "Body by Design" In South Tampa for over two years in high school with the hopes to gain muscle mass, learn to lift safely and to evolve into a competitive, elite athlete. The trainers carefully accessed my strengths & weaknesses and built a plan to help me achieve my goals. In the time I spent working out in the best personal trainers in Tampa, Body By Design, I learned proper lifting form, made the United States Jr. National Rowing Team and signed with the University of Virginia's D1 NCAA Rowing Team. While attending UVA, I frequently returned to BBD during breaks. The training I received in South Tampa's BBD remains part of the core that helped me evolve into an elite, accomplished athlete.

Elle Murray


I was looking at my progress yesterday and I’ve lost 30 lbs since we started working out together at Tampa's best personal trainer's at Body By Design!


Dr. Matthew Waite
Associate Clinical Professor - UF College of Dentistry
Department of Periodontology; Department of Community Dentistry ______________________________________________________________

Mark at Tampa Bay's Body By Design, looks at our overall picture of health. You will be in the best shape of your life if you stick with Body By Design. One of my favorite things about Tampa Bay's Body By Design is that you feel safe. My Father doesn't let me go to the big box gyms where there are lots of people looking at you. I've often had times where he has had to call people out for being inappropriate and making me feel uncomfortable. So that's something I value a Tampa's best personal training facility - Body By Design, is that I feel safe, and am working out with consummate professionals. Not part time wannabes with 2 weeks "orientation training" working their way through school or whatever. So I highly recommend working out at Tampa Bay's Body By Design personal training facility here on Davis Island, in Down town Tampa, because they have helped me out SO MUCH!

Katie Sartain, Miss Tampa 2014

I discovered Tampa's best personal training facility, Body By Design, 13 years ago and absolutely cannot say enough about Mark Misner  and the entire set up. It is very unique as the workouts are done in a private studio where you are being directed, watched and encouraged every minute. It is amazing what can be accomplished there in 30 minutes. Talk about a value! Being a long time runner & tennis player, I have dealt with various injuries. Since I began working out here, I remain practically injury free. Prior I thought I knew something about fitness, having tried various places...now I know I was fooling myself! What a difference it makes when exercises are done correctly. I drive 25 miles each way to go Tampa's Body By Design... it's that important. At 67, I see the benefits of my training more than ever. You will never regret trying BBD, and especially before considering surgery or strong medication. Another plus is that this is a quiet, no nonsense place where your "outfit" is of no concern. You will be very comfortable. We are fortunate to have such a facility with such caring trainers,

Jean Council ___________________________________________________________

My name is Sharon Kreider Zemp. I was a Tampa Personal Fitness client of Tampa's Body By Design years ago in Florida before I moved to Portland Oregon. I am writing because I was going through some of Florida items and remembered my time with Tampa's Body By Design Personal Training with you. Just letting you know I have since become a personal trainer myself with a successful business and I compete nationally in Figure Competitions. I thought to share this with you since you were my very first personal trainer. I enjoyed my Tampa Personal Training with you so much I chose to continue to do it professionally and as a sport. So thank you. Hope you and your lovely family are doing well.
TAmpa Personal Training





Tampa Personal Trainer client



Tampa Personal Trainer client


I have been working out since I was 15 years old training to become a Professional Softball Player. Having played at UCLA and on the USA National Team. I know fitness played a key role in my career and took me to the top of the game. As I retired from playing I have made a commitment to stay in shape and have had some injuries along the way. I started training at Tampa's Body By Design and I cannot say enough great things about the trainers at South Tampa's BBD and the overall set up of the business. With the help and one on one attention from Mark at Tampa Bay's Body By Design he has helped me to over come lower back pain and a strained hamstring that I was battling for two years. Thanks to Mark, I am now pain free and seeing great results from his training. Body By Design is a great place for my Tampa Personal Training workouts because they are 100% committed to your goals and the private training rooms they have keep you focused on your 30 minute workout. I feel like I can get in there and out and have an amazing workout. Thanks Mark and BBD.

-Lyndsey Klein, U.S. National Softball Team


Mark, I just wanted to say thank you for the work you do as
Tampa's finest and most experienced personal trainer. Tampa Bay's Body By Design has given me the structure I needed here in South Tampa the last few years to be healthy,
All the best, Janet

I thought it might be helpful for others to share this story. On this past Memorial Day, here in Tampa, while trying to climb down a rickety ladder on a boat, I lost my balance and fell on my wrist. It hurt, but I iced it immediately and tried to forget about it. The next day, I arrived to workout with Mark and was vigorously complaining that how could I hurt my wrist when I had worked out for so long! Mark patiently assured me the wrist and hands were vulnerable body sites for everyone.

I got the wrist x-rayed and sure enough, I had broken it. I met with a wonderful doctor at the “Hand and Wrist” Institute. He explained carefully to me that the fact that I worked-out saved the break from being more severe. As we reviewed my x-rays, in fact, he said, if I wasn’t in such good shape, I most likely would have been hospitalized and gone into surgery. Plainly said, the fact that I worked out with Tampa's Body By Design saved me a serious injury. He explained how exercise works calcium into the bones and lots of other informative facts about lifting weights. He congratulated me on making one of the best investments of my life.

I agree. I plan to lift weights the rest of my life, and to do it vigorously. Having tried many other local gyms, I will stay with South Tampa's BBD for as long as they will have me. Never give up on taking time and care with your body.



"Well, I can't say enough how excellent BBD's services are. I came to Tampa's Body By Design almost two years ago with a bad neck, bad lower back, and no hope of getting well enough to continue my running. I have worked with trainers in gyms in the past and was skeptical, but Mark and his crew came well-recommended by a neighbor so I thought I would give it a try. Their experience and keen insight into the client's individual needs combined with a true understanding of physiological dynamics and how best to combine them for an efficient, intense, but relatively painless workout really helped get me back on my feet. Within a few months of listening to Mark's advice on nutrition, therapy and aerobic training I was feeling so great I completed the Tampa Bay Area's St. Anthony's Triathlon in 30 minutes under my predicted time! My workouts at Tampa's Body By Design are of additional benefit in preventing or aggravating chronic injuries, reducing stress and increasing productivity at work. At the age of 42, I feel like I am in the best shape of my life! I would seriously recommend trying BBD before resorting to meds or surgery. My sons also have benefited from strength training at South Tampa, Davis Islands Body By Design personal training facility. The staff sets a healthy example and they have enjoyed all the trainers they've worked with. You guys are great, always encouraging and believing in whatever goals we are willing to reach for."

-Maria Phillips


Hi Mark,
I want to let you know about my success.
I have had a chronic shoulder ache for more than 20 years. After
about a year working out in your Tampa personal training facility, my
shoulder soreness is gone, and my shoulder is strong enough to do a
variety of shoulder exercises, both at BBD and my biweekly weight
classes. The trainers at Tampa's Body By Design knew how to correct a problem that a multitude of medical treatments could not, and restore the strength of my shoulder. Yea!

Thanks BBD!



A 45-minute workout packed into 30 minutes because there is no time wasted wandering around a gym looking for unused equipment.

Because the trainers emphasize technique, we have had no injuries from our workouts. In fact, some old minor injuries have gotten better.

Because the trainers are all excellent, one can schedule primarily for the time slot and not for a particular trainer.

-Vernard and Sandra Adams

To Anyone who wants to really enjoy their life!

I wasted hours and hours and tons of money at all of the major chain work out facilities for years in South Tampa (I am at the ripe old age of 54). I used their in-house poorly trained "personal trainers" - what a joke! They would stare off into the distance and count reps like robots - zero interest in my growth and improvement. Every trainer at the Tampa based, Davis Islands, Body By Design personal training facility has taken an interest in my slackness, and kicks my butt as necessary. I have been going to this South Tampa, Florida facility near my home in Hyde Park for over 7 years. During that time Mark has worked diligently to rehab my shoulder after a horrific, (though skillful), serious surgery from a surfing accident. Since then I have been back to surf major surf spots like Rincon P.R. twice and scuba dive all over the world. Hooray for Body By Design!

-Ken Veenstra



I just wanted you to know that Caitlyn is looking so much better at softball tryouts. She is running faster, using her arms and overall looks in better shape. I know she didn't’t do everything you told her to do but just working out with you a couple times a week in your South Tampa Personal Training facility really made a difference. She has also using your advice on some of her food choices.

Thanks so much,



I wanted to ad an addenda to my recommendation above. I just got back from my yearly 10 day surfing trip in Rincon P.R. Every year Mark and I crank it up for the trip and he really pushes me to go all out in my work outs at Tampa's Body By Design. Well this year I noticed something weird and I prefer to think very very cool. I am 58 years old and everyone out surfing the biggest waves of the season was half my age! What happened to all the old dudes? I know for a fact that if I did not work out at the finest personal training facility in the city of Tampa - Body By Design, I could never keep up with the 20 year old punks that usually dominate the best surf spots. Go BBD and never give up,


Ken Veenstra



A 2020 update to my recommendation above. I just returned from a 2 week stint Snow boarding in Whistler Canada. As I approach my 63'rd birthday I am proud to say I saw no one even NEAR my age out on the slopes actually snow boarding. I returned to Florida in one piece and had a great time carving up the powder all day -every day. There are only 2 reasons I was able to do such a demanding (and perhaps dangerous), sport with impunity. The consistant work with Tampa's most experienced personal trainer for the last 20 years, and the fact that I refuse to grow up! Thank you Body By Design and Mark Misner

Ken Veenstra

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